All instruments and vocals recorded and performed by Jerry B except for the stand-up bass which was recorded and played by the fantastic Mr. Ken Barnum.


Bruised clouds reached from the heavens down to the black still waters of the lake,
swollen with the promise of a coming deluge on that thick August night.
Waterfront residents reported the sound of screams across the water around 2 a.m. but couldn't pinpoint the source.
Curious gawking fishermen reported a boat adrift in Mangan cove around 5 a.m.

Charlie Staff was the lake patrol on duty that morning and responded to the call. He approached the 22 foot Starcraft inboard with the name "Caliope" stencilled on the stern. Closer inspection revealed what appeared to be large quantities of blood splashed across all areas of the interior of the boat. Charlie immediately radioed for local law enforcement to assist in the investigation of a potential homocide.

The Sheriff's report concluded that the owners of the boat were the Appleton family of Tafton Pennsylvania,
Husband and wife Dave and Tammy, their two adult sons Richard and Tyler
and their teenage daughter Patricia. The coroner matched DNA of the family to the blood on board. There was no other DNA found at the crime site. A comprehensive search failed to find any bodies. The only clues were the the letters E-P-P-E-S scrawled in blood near the waterline on the port side of the boat.

The bodies of the family were pulled from the cove one week later. They had been beheaded, weighted with rocks and wrapped in steel cable. The police puzzled over the lone clue, the word Eppes, written in blood and left behind on the hull of the caliope but eventually gave up and closed the unsolved case. Now, most young folks around here don't know what that word means but some still remember. It's the reason old-timers always lock their windows and doors at night. Why no one walks in the woods alone. And why you never ever venture out onto the black still waters of Lake Wallenpaupack between the hours of 2 and 4 a.m. And now the old-timers know, that after decades of sleep, Eppes had awoken...

You know, they never did find those heads