Bangin' on the bongos with a dead man's hand,
gonna whisper in the devil's ear.
Janglin' the bones when the hex commands.
The witchy-twitchy hour is finally here.

C'mon rize!
C'mon rize!
Open your eyes!
C'mon and rize! Walk the night with me.

Diggity-diggity in the cold, cold ground, drag me up another soul.
One in a trance who can really, really dance. It don't even matter if she ain't whole.

C'mon and rize!
Rize! Open your eyes!
C'mon and rize! dance the night with me.

Dig the graves and get stoned on the tombs. It's a dead man's party tonight.
Dance with The Devil cause we're doomed, doomed, doomed. Hoodoo that Voodoo that you do so right!

C'mon rize!
C'mon rize!
Bang your head.
Wake the dead.
C'mon rize!