An old farmhouse, the railroad tracks at night, foggy mountain  forests, a moonlit bayou - Hangman's Hallow paints a portrait of the darker side of country living. Banjos, fiddles, accordions, dobros, mandolins, a stand-up bass, lo-fi percussion and any other instruments that set the mood combine to take us on a midnight journey through mysterious, moonshine fueled fever dreams.
Keep your hands and feet inside the truck at all times and always check the rear-view for Boogey Men!

"Here come the boogey men, rattlin' them chains!"

Life During Wartime ( Covid 19 Version)
Talking Heads Cover

In July, 2020, During the height of Covid 19, when all the world was in turmoil, Hangman's Hallow gathered the "Hallow Folk" and recorded a remote cover version of Life During Wartime. Re-imagined with banjo, slide dobro, and stand-up bass, they collected performances from a variety of locations and assembled them together in a clandestine broadcast, available only on YouTube. Jerry B on lead vocals, with guest Tom C and Jujubie helping on lead and backing vocals as well as Ken B on bass, the project twisted and turned and mirrored the stark reality of the uncertainties of a global pandemic. This ain't no party...

Here Come The Boogey Men will be the second video from Hangman's Hallow. The full length video will be released in December, 2023.  Watch for their debut EP as well.