KARLOV LUGOZI weaves a dark web of  graveyard metal mayhem with werewolves, zombies, sin-eaters and evil twins. They're all part of this dark artist's gothic vision. Watch the official video for Rize below.

"A really dark, moody groove with plenty of attitude. Love the overall darkness of the vibe..."
-Cutting Edge Metal

Satan's Little Helper is the second single from Karlov Lugozi's upcoming EP Exhumed. Heavy guitars and rhythms collide with a disco beat and raucous vocals to tell a tale of wicked twins and deviltry.


"Good evening and hello  once again from London. Very industrial with a hint of horror rock, thrown in too. The music is very heavy with some great riffs coming through the headphones and the rumbling drums and meaty bass lines really finish off the music side of things. The beat is great and if the listener is not tapping their foot or banging their head at the end of the song, are they even a music fan!!? The vocals are very distinct and really complete the sound. We love this so much that it is already on the playlist for our radio station…Absolutely awesome track that we will definitely get shared to our website, social media and Spotify so more people can hear it!!
Love it \m/" - The Metal Asylum

"I dug it, for the way it alternates between quiet and loud, with the Rob Zombie-like vocals."
-Igor Miranda

The first video from KARLOV LUGOZI is for the single Rize. A graveyard romp that pays homage to the days of classic horror films like Nosferatu, The Cabinet of Dr. Kaligari and Frankenstein. It features vocalist and composer Gerlad and his band of ghouls raising the dead in a voodoo graveyard.  Watch it if you dare!


"We love the sound of this song, a mix of death metal with grunge and alternative too, as well as a quirkiness that really sets the song apart from others. The bass lines which are mega meaty really set the tone for the song and the guitars, although heavy, do sometimes have a somewhat psychedelic feel and there is also a hint of progressiveness that really keeps the listener entertained. The vocals, a mix of clean singing and death metal growls, really is a great contrast and is a real treat for the listener."
- The Metal Asylum

"Bangin' on the bongos with a dead man's hand. Gonna whisper in the Devil's ear. Janglin' them bones till the Hex commands. The witchy-twitchy hour is finally here!"

- Rize